Coca-Cola launches Journey Africa platform to engage consumers


Leading carbonated soft drinks producer, Coca-Cola has launched a content platform christened ‘Journey Africa’ in order to drive consumer engagement and connection to the brand.

Corporate Communications Manager, Coca-Cola (Central, East & West Africa Business Unit), Linda Okondo, made the disclosure during an interactive section with newsmen at Sheraton Hotel, Lagos.

Okondo noted that the content platform was created to meet the yearnings of Coca-Cola’s consumers in the African market as well as serve as an information platform to the consumers.

She stressed that the platform would serve as a storytelling platform which would feature unique, original and human tested content about the company’s performance.

In her words, “What we have done in Coca-Cola is that we have created something that is called ‘Journey Africa; it is a content platform that used to be our corporate website.

“So, what we want is that whenever you want to get any information about Coca-Cola, whenever you want to find out anything about Coca-Cola Africa, we want you to go to Journey Africa; and it is supposed to be an interactive platform.”

The Corporate Communications Manager further affirmed that the platform is an integrated content platform that connects the company’s website and its entire social media network.

She said that the content platform has Africa centric content that is quite different from the previous platform which shows the Coca-Cola journey with a lot of global content attached to it.

“It is actually an integrated content platform that brings together our website, a blog, the social media network that comprised the whole Coca-Cola journey and the innovation here is that previously we used to have Coca-Cola journey that only had global content; but this one actually has Africa centric content. If you want information on Nigeria, which brands do we have in Nigeria, what are we doing in Nigeria, you should be able to find these content on this platform”, Okondo stated.

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