Parents Beware!: Songs and Their Effects on Kids…


I can’t stop my children from being invited to birthday parties. Especially when the invitations are from family members and close friends. But my concern in this post is for the kind of music the disk jockeys play at these children’s parties.

Imagine children dancing to ‘I want your body sleeping in my bed’, not to mention other unsavory lyrics by the other artistes that shouldn’t be on a children’s party playlist. The sad thing is some of these parties are hosted by Christian parents.

Parents Beware!: Songs and Their Effects on Kids... - Brand Spur

What happens to getting a gospel DJ?

And your event doesn’t have to be boring, not with the myriads of danceable, ‘happening’ Christian songs available.

Since we can’t refuse some of these invitations, my wife and I have attempted to have some very groovy Christian songs, alongside the traditional gospel songs, on our phones and laptops for our children’s listening pleasure.

Parents Beware!: Songs and Their Effects on Kids... - Brand Spur

They listen to them at home, even in the bathroom. After all, we have highly talented and anointed gospel hip hop and rap artistes too!

Dear Christian parents, let’s reflect Christ even in the choice of music at our children’s birthday parties.

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That’s not too much of the Lord to ask of us.

Is it?


Written by: Sola Sorinolu, (Christian Educator, Writer, Speaker, and Columnist)