Turn Up and Shine Party: Winners Emerge at Regal Dry Gin Raffle Draws


Several winners emerged over the weekend at the Regal Dry Gin Raffle Draws during the Turn-Up and Shine party organized by the brand with Mr. Jelili Pelewura emerging as the winner of the grand prize of a plasma television.

Other consolation prizes won included bags of rice, vegetable oil, umbrellas, and key holders amongst other home appliances as consumers were entertained by the brand at the Railway Recreation Club, Ebutte Metta, Lagos.

Speaking while presenting the plasma TV to Mr. Pelewura, the grand prize winner, Brand Manager, Regal Dry Gin, Mr. Niyi Babatunde, said the event was an avenue to reciprocate the gesture by the brand’s loyal consumers.

Turn Up and Shine Party: Winners Emerge at Regal Dry Gin Raffle Draws - Brand Spur

Babatunde said that the Turn Up and Shine party was the grand finale of the three-week long activations and road shows which were organized by the brand.

According to him, Regal Dry Gin deemed it fit to organize the party to reconnect and engage with its numerous consumers at a festive season such as this, adding that the gesture by the brand was to appreciate its consumers for their loyalty and patronage over the years.

In his words: “We are here to connect with our consumers, to thank them for a wonderful year and for their patronage through the course of the year. Specifically, we are here because we have been out in the markets, at the consumption spots, at the neighborhood stores, on the streets, and at the retail points as well”

“So, this is a culmination of what we have been doing in the past three weeks whereby we have been activating and engaging with our consumers in their various touch points. This is the icing on the cake from Regal Dry Gin whereby we are saying thank you to our consumers in Lagos and its environs and those that come into Lagos to enjoy the festivities with us.”

He encouraged new and existing consumers of the brand to keep patronizing Regal Dry Gin, noting that the brand had kept in stock a lot of surprises for its consumers in 2018.

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“Our consumers should be expectant of plenty and bountiful things in the New Year. We are going to reward them; they should be expectant of excitement. Even in the taste of the brand itself, it is going to remain what they have always known it for. So, they should be expectant of good things to come from the brand in the coming year”, Babatunde added.

Expressing his appreciation to Regal Dry Gin, Mr. Pelewura, said that winning the plasma TV had spurred him to start drinking the brand, adding that he would also introduce it to his friends and well-wishers.

Asked how he won, he stressed that he had not been drinking gin but was persuaded by the waitress to buy a bottle of Regal Dry Gin which eventually turned him into the grand prize winner of the raffle draws.

In his words: “I feel very happy. Before I wasn’t used to drinking dry gin but from today that I won the grand prize, I will start patronizing Regal Dry Gin. The waitress talked to me into patronizing the brand; I liked the way she spoke to me, so I told her that she should bring one Regal Dry Gin and that was how I won the grand prize of a plasma TV. I am more than surprised – in a pleasant way”.

He continued: “I will now advertise it to my friends that they should be drinking Regal Dry Gin.”

Speaking in the same vein, Mrs. Helen Edeh, who could not contain her joy for winning a bag of rice, said that she was very happy to be one of the winners at the raffle draws.

Edeh said: “I am very happy to be one of the winners at today’s raffle draws being organized by Regal Dry Gin. The drink is so nice. I have fun and everything is going on well. So I advise consumers to go for Regal Dry Gin because it is very nice.”