CMC Celebrates Movie Icons, Tunde Kelani, Madam Kofo


One of celebrants- Mr. Tunde Kelani at 70, a cinematographer and filmmaker of repute who established his indelible imprints on the Nigerian cinema sphere over 20 years with his debut movie- Toluwa Nile and other enduring oeuvre of culturally linked and intellectually based works still remaining relevant with his latest work titled SIDI ILUJINLE as a masterful interpretation of Professor Wole Soyinka’s The Lion and the Jewel.

Madam Kofo is a Theatre Practitioner, Actress, Fashionista par excellence. Her signature headgear style has ever since its creation, a wonder to behold and an inspiration for the thriving head gear tying scene. A mother, wife and idol to many have in no small measure made her artful precedence felt both home and abroad.

One of the qualities that are synonymous with these living legend is an uncompromising standard of Excellence. This outstanding virtue has afforded them the rare opportunity of wining and dining with the elites in the society, a reality that reminds us of the words of the Holy Book which read thus:

‘ Seeth a man diligent in his duty, he shall stand before kings and not mere men’.

‘No doubt, these gems deservedly fits into the books of all time greats and it is indeed our prayer at CMC that they shall live more years to achieve greater feats’, says Ambassador Cornel Udofia. He described both of them as role models to him and that their immense contribution to the subject matter of culture, arts and entertainment is unprecedented.

Furthermore, there are celebration ongoing in different places today in appreciating the roles these two have played in their respective fields.
CMC Gladiators wishes ‘TK’ and Madam Kofo a memorable birthday celebration.