Radio & TV Audience Ratings: Wazobia FM, Ray Power FM & Cool FM Are the Top 3 Radio Stations in Q4 2017


Wazobia FM, Ray Power FM and Cool FM are the three radio stations with the largest audience share in Nigeria according to the latest radio and television ranking by GeoPoll for Q4 2017.

Radio listeners in Nigeria tend to spend most of their time listening to Ray Power FM, Wazobia FM and Cool FM throughout the day. There is a stiff competition amongst the other radio stations throughout the day.

According to the survey, 11% of television viewers prefer Channels TV to any other television station in Nigeria, followed by AIT, Zee World and CNN with a share of 8% each while 8% % of Nigerians prefer listening to Wazobia FM, Ray Power FM and Cool FM respectively.

The survey also puts Nigeria Info FM at 4th with a share of 4%. People listening to other stations outside the top 10, which broadcast across the country at a regional level, account for the remaining 54% share.

The GeoPoll Media Measurement service has been examining ratings and audience share for the top stations (Radio & Television) in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique and Nigeria to provide media insights into markets where data is scarce.

GeoPoll has used its daily data which is collected through its Media Measurement Service to analyze the top TV stations in Nigeria for Q4, 2017. They have analyzed both ratings and share of the stations at the national level.

Channels TV is the leading TV station in Q4, 2017 in Nigeria with its most being spotted at 9.30PM with an average of 3.2. Zee World attains the 2nd position in ratings apart from at 8.30PM where AIT overtakes it by an average of 0.1.

GeoPoll also examined average share across the entire day during Q4, 2017.

Channels TV takes the lead in audience share with 11% followed by AIT, Zee World and CNN with a share of 8% each.

NTA is asked at the regional level for each state, and the ratings for each individual NTA station combine to account for a large % of the ‘Other’ stations outside of the top 10.

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