This is one of the most needed products in Nigeria and we are getting support from the ministry of water in Nigeria. So all the municipalities will come to the show and they will look for producers who can handle their projects.

In addition to the exhibitors, WAWE Expo will host a comprehensive educational programme of workshops. The importance of this new annual event was underlined and officially opened by speakers from the delegations including the: NIMECHE, ASHRAE, SON-Standard Organization of Nigeria, ABDAS and municipalities etc.

Marketing Highlights;

  • 100.000 flier& VIP invitations were distributed
  • 140 adverts placed in local & international trade websites
  • Promotional radio adverts were aired in Nigeria: CLASSIC FM, INSPIRATION FM, COOL FM and etc.
  • Newspaper adverts placed in leading publications across the region: PUNCH, GUARDIAN and etc.
  • Over 200.000 impressions served via online advertisement
  • Email campaigns sent to over 1 million contacts globally
  • 250’s of update spotted on social media channels before the show
  • 1 months pentreaching more than 3,000 professionals by phone
  • SMS campaigns sent to over 100.000 people
  • 1 month of outdoor advertising in Lagos
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There is need for the building of modern wastewater treatment facilities in the cities as a result of rapid urbanization. Installations for treating and recycling industrial and sewage wastewater are in demand as this will impact the environment positively and prevent contamination of both surface and groundwater.

As a result of the collapse of public water supply system in Lagos and other major cities around Nigeria, there is the need for private sector initiatives in building and providing water to captive communities using the PPP model.

Take Lagos for example, the prime locations such as Lekki, Victoria Island, Ikoyi etc suffer from high saline content in both surface and groundwater because they are mostly situated on land reclaimed from the ocean.

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Hence there is a thriving business of fresh water being hauled into households through water tankers. This is quite expensive. This presents an opportunity for an investor to build a desalinization/treatment plant with the resulting piping network to supply metered water to this high net worth neighbourhoods.

Such opportunities exists across the country, though some areas may not need desalinizing but just normal treatment facilities.


Exhibition Name: WAWE Expo 2018

Exhibition Date: 10-12 July 2018, Lagos / NIGERIA

Venue: Landmark Centre

Exhibition Theme: International Water Treatment & Technologies Exhibition

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