Amstel Introduces 100% Malt Beer In Rwanda (Pictures)

Amstel launched a new beer in Rwanda through local manufacturer Bralirwa, making it the second Amstel brand available to Rwandan consumers.

Rwandan consumers can now find a new brand of beer on supermarket shelves. Local food and beverages producer announced earlier this week the inclusion of an additional Amstel brand in its portfolio. The new beer, which will retail at RWF600 ($0,70), is 100% malt and will be packaged in a 33cl bottle. It will also be the first non-lager beer produced by Bralirwa.

According to Peter Karadjov, Bralirwa’s marketing director, the new Amstel beer fills a gap in the Rwandan market where “there was a need for a 100% malt beer” from consumers who, at the same time, seek affordable products.

Bralirwa is a Rwandan manufacturer part of the Heineken family. Its portfolio, in Rwanda, includes Coca-Cola, Fanta, Primus – the number one selling beer in Rwanda -, Heineken, the dark beer Turbo King and Amstel, among others. Bralirwa was founded in 1959 and has grown to become one of the largest companies in Rwanda and the first to be listed on the country’s stock exchange.