Why companies and brands need to focus on their contact centers…

Anyone who’s ever had an infuriatingly long call with a company over a big bill probably doesn’t exactly have a warm and fuzzy feeling about that brand. But in a world where consumers can buy enough groceries to feed a family of four at the click of a button, demands are becoming increasingly complex—and customer service agents are feeling the heat.

According to new research by Calabrio, 56 percent of customer service agents find dealing with complex issues to be one of the most challenging things about their job, and 60 percent say their company doesn’t equip them with the right tools or technology to handle those problems. Over half of customer service agents feel their company isn’t doing enough to prevent burnout, and 45 percent believe customers will continue to expect the company to deliver more and faster.

“Our research proves that the best and most robust place to start within an organization is the contact center,” said Calabrio president and CEO Tom Goodmanson. “In order to continue to deliver on the promise of a great customer experience, companies must refocus on their people and invest in smart technology integrations.”

SOURCE: Adweek

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