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CowryWise Introduces Its Mobile App For Android

CowryWise Introduces Its Mobile App For Android

Nigerian fintech startup CowryWise has launched its new savings mobile app as part of its financial service offering and to boost customer service delivery and user experience.

The app was officially released into the market on the 20th of March and is currently available for download on the Android Play Store.

With an emphasis on seamless user experience, aesthetics, and convenience, the new CowryWise Mobile App promises to be  ‘best-in-class’ in mobile financial service delivery.

Officially Launched in July 2017, the platform is a personal finance management platform built to allow users make periodic money saving a lifestyle.

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Chief Executive Officer  & Co-Founder, Razaq Ahmed said that the launch of the app is in line with CowryWise’s value proposition to provide end-to-end financial services and saving solutions to its customers.

The CowryWise Mobile App focuses on making personal savings, asset and wealth management services right from your mobile device.

“Our customers can see their savings rendered in a beautifully-crafted visual design that gives them total control of their savings money”, Ahmed said.

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He added that the launch of the mobile application is based on our innovative customer-centric focus, noting that the app was co-created with our users. He noted that traditional financial institutions have made saving money and growing wealth costly and unattractive to individuals who are outside their high net worth bracket. “We want to make saving worthwhile again for everyone by making it simple to do and highly rewarding”

Existing users can sign in using their details while new users can sign up for a CowryWise account with their name, email and phone number. For added security, both your email address and mobile number is verified. Next, use your ATM Card/Debit Card or Bank Account, initiate the first saving. CowryWise automatically handles your periodic savings and promises an attractive interest per annum.

“We are reimagining and reworking how financial services get delivered to everyone. We are democratizing wealth management services and making them available cheaply to the masses with technology”, he said.

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Apart from being fast and dependable, the new app is feature-rich, with the capacity to conduct periodic savings and other lifestyle services.

The mobile app comes with some cool features that make your financial planning a lot easier, more rewarding and purposeful.

“We will continue to add new features to meet our customers’ needs,” Ahmed said.

A key feature of the app is  Save As You Earn. The new Save As You Earn (SAYE) Plan is for people who don’t earn regular income. A SAYE plan allows you to save anytime, whenever you have cash and on your own terms.

Other key features include:

Life Goals: From vacation to homes to education, our new Life Goal enables you to kickstart long-term financial commitment to things that matter to you. They also come with a higher interest due to the long tenure (Minimum of 1 year).

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Plan Deletion: Once you achieve your savings objectives and have withdrawn your savings, you can now delete any unwanted plans. This will help you focus on the important plans.

Reviewed Interests: We have taken time to harmonize the interest rates on all plans on CowryWise. Now you can earn a higher interest on all types of savings when you lock your plan for longer periods.

The app is free and available for download to both existing customers (savers) and potential ones. This move as another step towards leveraging evolving technologies to bring value-added products and services closer to Nigerians, in line with CowryWise’s drive to enhance the savings culture as well as financial inclusion in Nigeria.


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