Farm Support Services Hosts Educational Poultry Seminars for 700 Farmers in South West Nigeria (Pictures)


One of Nigeria’s largest producers of day-old chicks, animal nutrition and medicaments, Farm Support Services Ltd, recently hosted a series of three educational poultry seminars to approximately 700 farmers in Sagamu, Ibadan and Akure.

Topics at the seminars included optimal poultry production, biosecurity, feed quality and risk management, and heat stress management. Farm Support Services invited Cargill’s animal nutrition business in Sub Saharan Africa to provide technical expertise on poultry nutrition and its application on the farm and introduce its range of Provimi products.

Olumide Origunloye, Managing Director of Farm Support Services, commented, “Our mission is to add value to the lives of our customers, consumers, families and communities by providing high-quality products and contributing to the success of our customers.”

He added that the seminars go a long way to support the farming community to refine farm management and animal health, which impact performance, and ultimately profitability.

“There is a lack of adequate knowledge regarding animal farming and feeding. By running these educational seminars, we believe that farmers can improve their practices and up the bar as far as poultry nutrition and general farm management goes,” he said.

During the seminars, Farm Support Services launched Cargill’s Provimi range of products including its premix and base mix. Basemix is a new concept to the Nigerian market. It is a macro pack containing a blend of high-quality vitamins and minerals (premix), amino acids, Monocalcium Phosphate, salt, enzymes, toxin binders and other additives. Basemix is an all-in-one approach that combines world-class nutrition technology in a “rip-and-tip” bag and helps to streamline mixing operations for farmers and feed millers.

According to Origunloye, Farm Support Services will focus on growing and progressing in the agricultural market in Nigeria. “Our expansion plans include developing agents in three locations in the North and three in the South-East regions of Nigeria over the next three to six months,” he concluded.

About Farm Support Services

Farm Support Services Ltd., established in 1995, specialises in hatcheries, the provision of day-old chicks, table eggs, points of cage/lay, feed toll milling for customers that require compound feed, as well as the provision of premix, base mix, feed additives, veterinary medicaments and vaccines.

With offices and farms in the South West region of Nigeria, Farm Support Services also covers the East and North regions of the country through agents and distributors, including outlet shops.


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