Kwesé TV Unveils New Programming Line-Up


Kwesé TV has announced the addition of a new series, ‘Justice League Action’ to its programme line-up on channel Toonami.

The brand-new show, being first to Africa series, is based on the DC Comics superhero team, the Justice League, and follows well-loved superheroes Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman on their quest to save the world from supervillains with the help of fellow DC Comics superheroes.

According to the Screenwriter, Jim Krieg, superhero fans of all ages should look forward to a daily dose of fun and adventure on the Toonami channel on Kwesé TV.

Krieg said the new series was exclusive to Kwesé TV only.

He said younger audiences would enjoy the action in the show, which is seen in the mild fighting between the superheroes and the villains, while older kids would be amused by the witty comedy.

Krieg, who stated that most action superhero materials were too violent for younger kids to enjoy, added that Justice League action had very little violence which parents would appreciate.

According to him while the show in its nature is an adventure series, the stories have a colorful comedic energy with superhero characters that are quite adorable to provide a great gateway to introduce younger audiences to DC characters which they could potentially follow for the rest of their lives. 

He said, “Every single episode is a new adventure, not only for the members of the Justice League but also the production team. There are moments where we think, “is this silly or is this going to work?” And then when it comes back and it works, it is such a delight.”