AccelerateTV Launches New Drama Series, Corpershun (Video)


Serving the country is about to get way more complicated than these 5 corpers ever imagined!

AccelerateTV, an online lifestyle network powered by Access Bank Nigeria, has launched a new web series – Corpershun.

Corper Shun will follow the story of five corpers in their service year. From the trailer, it looks like they face the usual struggles that come with NYSC and the frustrations that these corpers have to deal with.

If you haven’t been through NYSC, prepare for the worst year of your life. If you have, you’ll know exactly why your service year is the worst year of your life, but let’s not say too much before we’re accused of hate speech.

From the representations of nonchalant NYSC officials, who get off on their power trips, to a corper exclaiming that he’s here for “Youth Service and not prison service”, it looks like the show could be very relatable. We really hope they can pull it off.

AccelerateTV which is targeted at young adults has an array of creative content ranging from information and entertainment articles to punchy videos, fashion trends and real-time reportage of world’s latest trends.

Enjoy many more hilarious scenes, story twists, suspense shots and please, as much as possible, get a Corps member on the Corper Shun bandwagon.