Rolls-Royce to Go Electric by 2040


The British motor brand intends to exclusively produce electric vehicles by the year 2040…

Rolls-Royce is joining the electric revolution and has announced that its existing 12-cylinder petrol engines will be “full electric” by 2040 in order to comply with changing regulations. So far only the UK and France have pledged to ban new petrol cars by 2040, but Rolls-Royce reckons that other markets will soon follow suit. CEO Torsten Müller-Otvos pointed to increased interest in alternative energy in oil-producing nations such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Although the brand does not yet offer an electric car, it is looking to release one within a decade.

The brand, which currently only offers 12-cylinder petrol engines in its cars, will be “full electric” by 2040 to comply with changes in international rules, chief executive Torsten Müller-Ӧtvӧs told the Financial Times. The UK and France have both promised to ban cars that run without electric power by 2040, but the Rolls-Royce boss believes other markets — such as the US or the Middle East — will also follow suit by then.

“When you see what happens in Saudi when you see what happens in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, they are all looking into alternative energy. “Electrification will also happen in these countries, sooner or later.” He added: “We will definitely offer 12-cylinder engines as long as we can, as long as it is legally allowed to offer them.”

The company aims to introduce its first electric vehicle within the next 10 years but will phase out its existing engines over several decades. Carmakers all over the world are working on electric vehicles to meet ever-tightening emissions regulations, particularly in Europe and China.