While growing up, my mother was the spiritual leader of my family. My father had to be at work very early. Most times, he was gone before we woke up. The coordination of our family devotion and the review of our Sunday school lessons fell to my mother who was also a busy administrator. She was the first pastor we knew as kids.

But I can’t tell you she enjoyed it, especially when we became spiritually rebellious. Imagine a mother trying to get four sons to be in spiritual sync and there was no ‘man figure’ to back her up!

My father, a good man, but he was wanting in his place of providing spiritual direction for our family. Now that I am a father of three boys myself, I have decided not to repeat my father’s mistake.

I am the man. I am the father. It is my responsibility to provide spiritual direction for my family, not my wife’s. Leading my family in devotion to the Lord is primarily my assignment, not my wife’s.

Dear Christian entrepreneur, you can’t be too busy for this. Do not burden your wife with setting the spiritual tone and agenda for your family. Every Christian wife desires that her husband takes the initiative in this. This is primarily the calling of a man and a father.


Written by: Sola Sorinolu, (Christian Educator, Writer, Speaker, and Columnist)

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