Could There be a Brand-War Between Promasidor and Friesland?


Brands are always competing to out-do each other. They are so obsessed with being household names that they find tactical ways to ambush and outshine the competition. For some industry, the rivalry is soon taken way seriously into a war zone in order to be clear industry leaders.

Brand competition starts from shopping for astute Public Relations (PR) consultants, hiring competent brand managers and doing whatever it takes to establish solid consumer base and brand popularity/loyalty. It’s a whole lot of tussle!

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry is one of the largest and most thriving industries in Nigeria largely because of the country’s population. They are cashing out on the daily basis which is why they would do whatever it takes to remain top-of-mind of consumers.

Friesland Campina and Promasidor are top brands in the FMCG industry that seem to be in some kind of stiff competition. The moment you get into Cowbell Way you might begin to wonder you missed your way or could it be that Promasidor has moved and Friesland has taken over? You might just have to really ask because Friesland has branded the entire streetlight on Cowbell Way with PeakMilk banners.

Could this be ambush marketing?

Both brands are quite conservative. Promasidor is relatively seen as a shy brand because for some strange reasons the company seems to be pushing more of product-brands i.e. Mamador, Cowbell, Loya etc. than its umbrella brand (Promasidor). So, it is either they are not interested in projecting the umbrella brand at all or Friesland played a fast one on them.

That move by Friesland is a CHECKMATE…


Written by: Claudia Nwankwo

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