What Manner of a Boss Are You?


“I’ll show you who the boss is in this office. How dare you speak when I’m speaking. You even have the audacity to look me in the eye!”

As an employee, your life and career’s advancement is a big function of WHO you work for.

There are bosses who feel uneasy when their employees are not doing or living well personally and professionally. There are also bosses who don’t give a damn! My brother had been working for a particular company for a few months when his boss summoned him to his office. The boss was concerned that my brother hadn’t bought a personal car. He said no one had ever worked for him that long(few months!!) without having a car. My brother had to tell him that he was building his first house.

The ideal boss makes his employees feel good about themselves. He makes them proud of working for him and his company.

Ideal bosses know how to make their employees respect them. And they don’t make it happen by being bossy! They simply treat their employees the way they will like to be treated! The ideal boss makes the light of his influence and prosperity to shine on his employees. In his light, his employees get their shine!

Written by: Sola Sorinolu(Christian Educator, Writer, Speaker, and Columnist)

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