“You are mad!”


That was an outburst from a neighbor’s kid to one of his playmates.

Dirty, slangy, uncouth and rude remarks are some of the reasons I rarely allow my kids to mix up with the neighbors’ children. The few times I had bowed to pressure and permitted this, they came back with some funny slangs and mannerisms.

Children are spongy by nature and so great care must be taken as to the kind of language one exposes them too. There was a time I was almost giving up on watching some Nigerian movies because of the intense, abusive language being used by some of the actors. And have you noticed there are now trending slangs made popular by music artists but are unhealthy additions to a child’s vocabulary?

Raising children that are cultured, courteous, polite and respectful in their verbal exchanges should be every parent’s dream, especially Christian parents. So much so that they can become positive references for other kids.

Dear Christian parents, you can’t afford to ‘dump’ your kids with any family just because you need the house to be quiet for you to work, read or catch some sleep. Much time spent with a wrong set of kids can undo your godly training. “…Evil communication corrupts good manners” 1Cor.15:33.

Written by: Sola Sorinolu, (Christian Educator, Writer, Speaker, and Columnist)

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