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Entrepreneurial Rebels.Entrepreneurial Rebels.

How did mobile phones evolve from just being a tool for communication to a fashion accessory such as an i-phone? It happened because of a ‘rebel’ in mobile telephony, Steve Jobs.

‘Rebel’ isn’t such a bad word especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial rebels have it as a life mission to change the status quo and shift the paradigm in their industries.

They are pioneers. They are never conformists.

It does not matter whether they are into content creation, branding, digital marketing, communication, human resource management or graphic designing, they always aspire to change the narrative.

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Dear entrepreneur, what can you do to rewrite the already written, decode the already coded or bring to light that which is shrouded in darkness in your industry. Strive to chart a new path and disrupt the ‘establishment’.

Be bold. Be daring. And watch fame and fortune reward you!

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Entrepreneurial Rebels.Entrepreneurial Rebels.


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Entrepreneurial Rebels.Entrepreneurial Rebels.

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