“How do I make my contents get many likes on LinkedIn?”


For starters, with an aim like that, the reason for creating contents is already defeated.

You don’t do it for likes, you create contents because you want to contribute to knowledge. You do it for impact, positive impact.

Don’t create contents to impress anyone. Don’t do it to maintain a ‘reputation’. Create contents to engender a positive transformation of lives, in workplaces and the society at large.


Let your contents depict subject matters you are passionate about.

In your contents, don’t be afraid to go against a popular opinion if your view is of a different colouration. Present your views intelligently. When you post a content and no one puts a like on it, don’t be discouraged. Keep posting!

Finally, LinkedIn posts are text-limited. So you’ll have to go for the jugular from your opening statement. No beating about the bush.

Moreover, this is a platform for busy professionals and they’ve got probably 120 seconds to spend on your post!

I hope this helps!!!

Written by: Sola Sorinolu(Christian Educator, Writer, Speaker, and Columnist)

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