When you are close with your coworkers and have lunch together daily or hang out outside of the office, it’s easy for the lines between personal and professional to disappear. Even if you’re not good friends, it’s normal to want to chat about things other than work projects with your co-worker or co-worker(s). But there are some things that are always better left unsaid.

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Below are some of them:

Your job search

Some people get so comfortable with their colleagues and even their boss that they will share their desire to move onto something else with exactly the wrong people. The thing is, no matter how much your boss likes you, if you leave, you will be replaced. Same goes for your colleagues. Don’t tell co-workers that you are looking for a new job either.

Your political opinions

Political topics can be polarizing and no matter how friendly you are with your co-workers, you should never assume that someone shares the same viewpoints as you. Political points of views are usually associated with stereotypes and are always highly emotional. As such, it should be avoided at all costs,” she adds.

Gossip about your boss or any coworkers

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If you wouldn’t say it to your boss’s face, don’t say it behind your boss’s back. You may think that you are just airing your grievances with another coworker who shares your frustration about how the boss handles things, but you could be unpleasantly surprised to learn that this coworker is friendly with the boss and will happily tell everything that you shared.

Jokes about sensitive subject matters

As much time as you spend together, you may not know everything your coworkers are dealing with in their personal or professional lives. It’s advisable not to joke about a sensitive subject matter.


Even if you’re not complaining about work, being someone who complains will give you a bad reputation in the office.  You will appear as untrustworthy because if you talk negatively about one co-worker you’ll probably talk negatively about other people, too.

Take your career to the next level

If you’re the kind of person who knows when to speak up, and when to stay quiet, you might be ready for the next step in your career. At any rate, it’s always a good habit to keep your ears and eyes open to new opportunities.


Written by: Damilola Faustino