Med-View Airline Acquires Boeing 737-500 (5n-Bqm} Aircraft


Med-View Airline PLC (the company) is pleased to formally inform Shareholders and other Stakeholders that our Company received into its fleet. One of its aircraft on scheduled maintenance check (3737-500) SN-BQM on Friday. 7th September 2018.

Similarly. You will recollect that in July of this year. The company also added into its fleet a (B777-20oER) long-range wide-body twin-engine and it’s the world’s largest twin-jet with a seating capacity of 323 passengers. The aircraft is currently being engaged in the airlifting of Hajj Pilgrims and immediately after this National engagement. It would be deployed to our international operations.

It is equally important to acquaint our Shareholders that other aircraft in the company’s fleet. 2 (B737-400) and (B767-30oER) which are on scheduled maintenance and cabin reconfiguration in Europe are being expected back in the next two months to rejoin our operation. Our teeming customers and air travelling public can only expect more improved and satisfying service delivery which is more customer driven.

The Management wishes to reassure the entire public that the airline is repositioning to be the most preferred Nigerian Airline. And their Safety and Comfort onboard our flights are being considered in actualizing this mandate.

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