Indomie, Maggi, Others Emerge Most Chosen Brands In Nigeria


Indomie has emerged as the most chosen FMCG brand by consumers in Nigeria. According to Brand Footprint, Kantar Worldpanel’s annual report and its ranking of most chosen brands across the world, Indomie managed to be chosen by shoppers on the shelves 464m times. The brand was followed by Maggi and Cowbell.

The Top 10 most chosen brands in Nigeria also include Peak (#4), Milo (#5) and SoKlin (#6). Dano gained a presence in Nigerian households and manages this year to climb 7 positions and become the tenth most chosen brand in the country. The rest of the Top 10 positions are secured this year by Golden Penny (#7), Aji-No-Moto (#8) and Onga(#9).

The brands were unveiled at Kantar Awards 2018 held in Lagos recently. Aggrey Maposa, Managing Director of Kantar TNS Nigeria said for any brand to succeed in any market, it has to get its penetration and frequency right. He added that the purpose of the award is to celebrate brands that have been outstanding in the country.

The Brand Footprint ranking measures how many times any FMCG brand is bought at the point of sale. It measures how many households bought each brand and how many times they did it within one year. The most chosen brands on the shelves globally and in any region or country make up the different rankings included in the report.

Among the 50 most chosen brands in the country Power Oil(#15) was the one that climbed the most positions (+20) thanks to innovation, communication and tapping into the consumer trend for smaller pack-sizes during the recession. Sunlight(+15) and Hollandia (+15) also managed to be picked more on the shelves, gained positions and reached [19] and [39] in the ranking respectively.

Although many of the most chosen brands are food and drink products, there are also health and beauty and homecare brands in the ranking. Eva, Premier and CloseUp are the three most chosen brands in the health and beauty sector whereas the Top 3 brands in home care are So Klin, Sunlight and Canoe.

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The Brand Footprint ranking shows that most of the growing brands enlarged their shopper base. “Strategies aiming to get new consumers are consistently more successful than those ones aiming to increase loyalty and frequency of consumption,” said Ifedayo Akinyele, Regional Insight Director (Africa & Middle East). “Brands wanting to grow have to prioritise finding new shoppers to buy the brand”.

Meanwhile, according to the 2018 edition of Kantar Worldpanel’s Brand Footprint report, there are 17 FMCG brands that are chosen by consumers more than one billion times a year globally. Coca-Cola is the world’s most chosen brand, picked from the shelves 5.8 bn. times in a year. Colgate and Maggi both achieve podium positions, being also the world’s most chosen personal care and food brands. Colgate is the only brand chosen by more than half of the global population—with 62% penetration globally. Maggi is the fastest-growing Top 50 brand with a global presence—with 14% growth in Consumer Reach Points (CRPs), which has helped the brand to rise one position to become third in the ranking this year.

Six out of the 17 brands chosen more than one billion times in a year is owned by Unilever, which leads the manufacturers ranking with 36 bn CRPs per year. Unilever’s portfolio includes Lifebuoy in 4th position and Sunsilk and Knorr among the Top 10. Dove, Lux and Sunlight are also Unilever’s brands in the billionaire club. Two Pepsico brands, Lay’s and Pepsi, jointly with Nescafé and Indomie– Indofood’s very successful brand in Asia and Africa – made the remaining positions in the Top 10. Nestlé, P&G’s Downy, Palmolive and Sprite are the other brands that join this year the exclusive club of global brands chosen by consumers more than one billion times annually.