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In my career, I’ve had more female bosses. And I’ve enjoyed an excellent working relationship with almost all of them. But I’ve had colleagues that are males and a fair share of female colleagues who have had a bit of a challenge working with female bosses.

One thing I have realised is that any male/female staff with an “African mindset” regarding the role of women will find it difficult having a good working relationship with a female boss.

Personally, I’ve been awed many times by the dedication, compassion and selflessness that these female bosses have brought to bear in the discharge of their duties.

If you want to work successfully with a female boss, you need to see beyond her gender. See her competence, expertise, respect her brain power and how good she is at what she does!

As a man, you also need to realise that your boss, who happens to be a female, is not your wife! She is your boss! And unlike your wife, instructions flow from her to you and not vice-versa!

Deborah, the first female judge in Israel led men to war and won!

So you need to ask yourself if you are more concerned about your boss being a female or supporting her to achieve your organisation’s corporate vision!

Written by: Sola Sorinolu(Christian Educator, Writer, Speaker, and Columnist)

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