Rock Garden Foundation Takes 70 Kids Back To School in Ile-Ife (Photos)


Annually, hundreds of children get the opportunity of education through the initiatives of the Rock Garden Foundation, and the focus has been on children in Osun state. The organization provides essential school needs such as school kits and stationeries and other forms of support for the children. 

It is now a cliché that every new school session comes with its related “back to school” buying-season. Many parents have trepidation as their children give a list of requisites for the new school year. This anxiety is heightened in those who are indigent.

Speaking on the initiative, Gbemisola Fadugbagbe, Programmes Manager, said: “Some of these children are even “fortunate” to go to school since the financial constraints in their homes makes quality education a lesser priority compared with basic survival needs and “back to school items” are often seen as luxuries rather than necessities.”

“I have had a desire to change this narrative in a few communities since 2016, as best as I can. I got a few of my friends to donate their children’s old bags, got some others to fund the purchase of new “back to school” items, and together we put smiles on many faces and joy in many homes through the distribution of school bags, writing materials, socks and snacks. This we did at an annually-organized event for the needy.”

“We wanted indigent families to look forward to a new school academic session with new school items and hoped this joy will translate to an improved academic performance and a love for schooling. It has been 3years of Rockgarden Foundation’s giving back to children in our community. We hope to inspire them to achieve the best they can in their academics and life in general. We hope to build in them a firm belief that “all things are possible if you can believe and work towards it”. As I always say “We are too blessed not to be a channel of blessing”.

Rock garden Foundation has reached over 70 children with this year’s “back to school” outreach and hopes to achieve more over the years.

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