Yahoo Debuts New ‘Yahoo Together’ Group Messaging App


Yahoo is re-entering the messaging market with a new app called Yahoo Together, after shutting down the Yahoo Messenger in July. Available for iOS and Apple devices, the new app is designed to facilitate group messaging. 

Now a part of Verizon’s media unit Oath, Yahoo started testing the new app earlier this year, under the code name ‘Squirrel’. Yahoo Together allows users to create groups and then also group conversations into topics, so they can follow subjects they are interested in while muting other conversations in the group. Users can also set up a shared library, to store photos or documents shared in the group, and a shared calendar and reminders, to send notifications to the whole group of upcoming events. Customised personal responses can also be set up to add with a single tap in the conversation.

After downloading the app, users can invite others to join with a code. Yahoo Together does not require access to contacts on the phone. Voice and video calls are not yet a feature of the app.

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