My Mile12 Chronicles: Workplace tips from my shopping at Mile 12


I did a bulk purchase at Mile 12, an open market and one of the busiest in Southwest Nigeria with Mr A, and would like to share a few lessons that I think employees will find information for the workplace

Tip 1: Be a dogged problem solver.

We drove into the market park, parked and were received by some marketers. They Marketed Ogede Ologo (glorious plantain), fruits, sweet potatoes and yams etc. The Alaarus (they help you carry your goods at a token while you are shopping) too were not left out. They all thronged us persuading us to buy from them and engage their services respectively.


My Mile12 Chronicles: Workplace tips from my shopping at Mile 12 - Brand Spur

We ignored every one of them and went straight into the heart of the market. We walked through the corners and shops, passing by the dry pepper, egusi(melon), crayfish blenders, nylon sellers. We observed an Alaaru boy had followed us. He kept his distance but continuously pointed us in the right directions by suggesting to us how to get to the Onions, Tomatoes, Tatase (Bell Pepper), Bawa (chilli), Ata Rodo (scotch bonnet) sections.

He kept nudging us in the right directions while keeping a distance. Had he not pointed us aright, we would spent more time merry-go-rounding for the sections.

We later engaged him to help us with our things at the Market.

Lesson 1: You need to be a dogged problem solver at the workplace to eventually get whatever you desire. Promotions will not be dropped on your laps.  When people see you have a lot of value to add to the business, to their issues, to their work, you will be given more responsibilities. When your Boss realizes that you consistently add value by solving problems at work and not just adding to them, he will naturally lean on you for solutions. Your relevance at the workplace improves and so will you.

Tip 2: You can make demands at the workplace when you add value.

At the sweet potatoes section, we shared a bag of sweet potatoes with 2 other customers. As we bought them from a truck. A woman did the sharing. After sharing , she demanded for her money. N300 per customer. She collected N900 for her 10-minute service for the bag. When we asked her what the money was for , she called it “owo pipin”. ?????Meaning “money for sharing”.

Lesson 2: Always add value wherever you are, when you consistently do this, you will be able to make demands as a value-adding employee ? If you are adding value at work, you can confidently walk up to your HR and ask for a salary raise with valid reasons. If you are not adding value, you will only grumble continuously at how unfair the management is. Adding value gives you opportunities to make demands.

Tip 3: Stay Hydrated.

While in the market it occurred to me that I was yet to have breakfast, and it was past noon already. Coupled with the market “stress”. The headache i felt by now was intense. I mentioned this to Mr A who suggested that i get a bottle of water.

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Water How?? I was very hungry and wanted food and water, not just water! My hunger was for some Buka Abula abeg! So how am i supposed to drink water with no food sight?! I wasn’t going to eat any food in the market anyway! i felt so annoyed!

It was as though, Hunger heard me and retorted with some more stomach aches. I finally got a drink and later water, then I felt better.

Lesson 3: The workplace can be related to the marketplace where transactions occur. At the workplace however, the products and services transacted are skills, attitudes, knowledge, deliverable, targets, timelines etc. You need to stay hydrated with consistent learning, self-development, on-the-job and personal training, mentor ship. Keep tabs on what is going on in your sector.  Keep your freshness, Don’t be stale. Go for personal paid training and join associations in line with your career. 

You have a lot to give and a lot to gain from the ingenuity of your human existence.

Live beyond existence.

Stay hydrated ☺️

I hope this informs someone ☺️

Let’s discuss this, please drop your comments below…

Written by: Omolara Omosehin Adeogo

My Mile12 Chronicles: Workplace tips from my shopping at Mile 12 - Brand Spur


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Lara holds a 9 year-plus work experience that spans across the Transit, Consulting, Telecoms and Market-Research sectors. She is a graduate of Chemistry Science from Lagos State University Nigeria and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management. Lara is a 2 time graduate of Immerse Academy and a WIMBIZ Mentee. She currently works as a project manager in a leading market research organization – Kantar TNS Nigeria. A lover of self-development and life-long learning. Lara loves to make meaningful contributions everywhere she goes. She is married with 2 boys.