Kirusa Nigeria limited a value-added service provider has been licensed by the Nigeria communications commission (NCC) to offer value-added services to the telecommunications industry.

Kirusa enables subscribers through mobile operators to access a wide range of services such as Kirusa channels (sports and celebrity content), Instavoice Missed Call, Voicemail and voice SMS, as well as a host of enterprise services under Kirusa, connect.

Access to Kirusa services can either be via Unstructured Supplementary Service date (USSD), Short messaging service (SMS), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), or flash calls.

However, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has advised all licensed telecommunications service providers in Nigeria to provide a consumer code of practice that describes the main services Kirusa provides customers. The code will as well be administered by Kirusa in line with guidelines from NCC as well as reviews that are to be agreed and communicated by the commission based on feedbacks at consumer forums.

The minimum duration for Kirusa services is the daily request while the maximum period is the 30days (renewable on expiry) depending on the pricing option and the service consumer choose.

Kirusa services are available in all parts of Nigeria where the mobile network operator partner has coverage. Service availability is however subjected to existing partnership between Kirusa and subscribers’ mobile network operator.

The Kirusa channels which are a social media platform allows fans to engage with celebrities, sports clubs etc by getting voice updates from favourite celebrities and other content sources. The Kirusa connect, a communication platform allows enterprise to communicate with their customers through various mobile channels while the Instavoice Missed calls, Voice SMS and voicemail allows a caller to send a voicemail or missed call alert or a voice SMS  when party B is not reachable, busy or switched off by simply dialling *FOLLOWED BY PART B’s number.

Subscribers/users are allowed to report faults, service interruptions at any time of the day. They can also terminate the contract at any time for whatever reason before expiry date/time by deactivating or unsubscribing the service plan.

The consumer can opt-in to a Kirusa channel service either by sending an advertised keyword to 2526, by selecting service on *2656# USSD menu or by dialling 2656 for free and selecting the desired service on the IVR. The consumer can also Opt-out of the channel service by sending STOP to 2656 or selecting Unsubscribe option on the *2656# USSD menu.   Kirusa channels services are paid for via airtime available on subscriber’s phone.

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