Will ”The Next Level” ”Get Nigeria Working Again”?


Earlier, 90-days to the 16t h of February 2019 slated for the Presidential election, the veil for official campaigns was lifted and it started on an economic note as aspirants released their economic policy agenda for public perusal. Notably, aspirants of the two major parties, All Progressive Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), led the way.

The incumbents, APC’s Buhari, presented a colorful scorecard of its performance thus far while highlighting the “Next Level” of achievements to pursue if re-elected. On the other hand, the main opposition, PDP’s Atiku, highlighted the failures of the current administrations at the same time highlighting its plans to ”Get Nigeria Working Again.” Central to both policy agendas is the usual pre-election promises of improving security, infrastructural development, and economic empowerment.

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Broadly, the APC maintained that Infrastructure, Social investment, Agriculture & Food Security, Security, and the anti-corruption war, will remain its focal issues going into the next four years. Meanwhile, the PDP identifies Job Creation, Infrastructure, Poverty Alleviation, Economic Empowerment, and Security, as the key issues. Overall, we think this provides a blueprint for both parties to push their agenda before the electorates over the next 90 days while availing investors with a template to assess the outlook for the Nigerian economy over the next four years under either the APC or the PDP.

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