Lagos Film Academy’s $5,000 Film For Life Project Produces Winners


After announcing a 5,000 USD grant and the third ‘Film for Life Project’ competition, the Lagos Film Academy (LFA) has selected three young aspiring filmmakers, who will have the opportunity to make a short film directed at impacting social change, themed in this edition, is a storyline around the upcoming 2019 general elections in Nigeria.

From over 600 applications received, 9 Finalist were shortlisted and trained by industry experts and Ace movie producers, Emma Uduma and Grace Babasola, alongside LFA Founder, Chris Ihidero on an all-expenses-paid three-day boot camp. The 3 teams, Team Artistry Media, Team Pantheon and Team Nu’Afriqan pitched stories for the ‘Film for Life project’, out of which only Team Artistry Media was selected and emerged winner of the competition.

The winning team, Artistry Media, consists of a dynamic team of three young, passionate individuals ready to make their mark on the film industry and weigh-in with their film on the upcoming 2019 elections. They include Baridakara Nwilene, the team producer who is from Rivers State, Alfa Faruk Umar, the team writer from Nassarawa State, and Joshua Tostso, the team director from Delta State.

While commending the winners, the founder of LFA, Chris Ihidero, said; ‘Artistry media was selected because they had the most compelling storyline.  We had a great time at boot camp and heard an array of ideas during the pitching sessions. The shooting for the short film begins immediately.’

‘It is also important for us to make an impact with the short film that will be made, with the grant gotten from Global Philanthropy Alliance. The upcoming election is a major social happening in Nigeria, hence the need to play our parts with the story that will be told.’

A member of the winning team, Joshua Tostso, who was really elated upon being announced as the winner said; “I love my team and I can’t wait to make my first film. I’m confident, I believe we will make the best out of what we have learnt in developing our first short film. It is going to be good, it’s not going to be mediocre, I can say that.”

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Baridakara Nwilene, the team producer also said “The Film for Life project has given me more courage to follow my dreams of becoming a successful filmmaker. This experience has taught me to be more focused and hardworking and to always think fast and Smart when making decisions. I am forever grateful to God Almighty first, my family and amazing fellow team members for their constant push and encouragements to be better at what I do.”

Alfa Faruk Umar, the team writer, who was equally excited, said; “We believe that one person may not be able to change the world but together as a team we can indeed make a difference. Our goal and vision is to make good quality films that can bring about positive change in the world but start from home, which is Nigeria.”

The short film, which Artistry Media will write, direct and produce themselves will encourage citizen involvement in the electoral processes and the upcoming Nigerian general elections in February 2019. Pre-production has commenced, production will follow swiftly after.

LFA is a leading non-profit organization centred around support for young creatives who want to acquire life-long skills and techniques as creatives across the continent, using initiatives like the ‘Film for Life Project’.

Global Philanthropy Alliance (GPA) develops young social entrepreneurs in Africa by funding youth-led or youth-engaged organizations that unleash the power of youth to advance the economic and social health of their families and communities.