Nigerian Business Innovates Orange Consumption With Orange Juice On The Go

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Ideas in fusion: A Nigerian Business Ideas in fusion Limited created a concept called Oran-go (Orange juice on the go) with the invention of the Oran-go pushcart in 2015, a unique feature of this invention is the ability to produce and sell freshly bottled orange juice without the use of electric power using a highly mobile platform.
Oran-go transforms the existing traditional orange retailing business from an unhygienic, inefficient, low volume sales, and tedious hand peeling based business to a hygienic, high volume, efficient, less tedious, orange juice processing and retailing business. Existing traditional orange retailing business was simply about selling only hand peeled oranges. Whereas Oran-go delivers additional value to the consumers with the production of bottled fresh orange juice that is produced and sold at the point of production. Sales volume from Oran-go is at least 400% more than that of the traditional orange retailing business.
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