Tiger Beer Hosts Biggest Niche Party Of The Year (Pictures)


On December 29th, 2018, the year was rounded off in the Tiger Way as Tiger beer kicked off the “Uncage Series” by hosting the biggest niche party of the year. The brand uncaged the arts at the beautifully tucked away treasure that is the African Artists Foundation, Victoria Island, Lagos featuring some of Nigeria’s budding talents and influential personalities from the alternative music scene.

Borne out of a growing desire to provide a platform where alternative sounds and their audiences can meet, showcase their talents and network, as well as celebrate the dynamism of the African sound, the party featured stellar performances from Odunsi and Teni.

Fresh off a remarkable year, Odunsi is one of the most sought-after talents in the country. The release of his album has been followed with a sold out concert. He’s already being considered as one of the pioneers of the alternative music genre.

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Teni has had a tremendous year. The witty songwriter with a knack for crafting fan favourite Afro-pop tunes is, without doubt, the break-out star in Nigerian music this year. She delivered a breathtaking performance that got all in attendance on their feet.

Also in attendance was Funbi, the soulful singer whose 2016 hit song “Hallelujah” is still considered one of the best alternative music compositions in recent memory.

The Alternative, or Alté movement as it is famously called, is one that encourages young creative Nigerians to be daring and unafraid to step out of the box of normal societal conventions. A concept Tiger Beer shares and seeks to celebrate.

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Speaking on the success of the event, Brand Manager, International brands, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Chinwe Greg-Egu had this to say,

“Tiger beer aims at celebrating the passion and dynamism of young Nigerians as well as highlight their courage as they dare to be different and stand out. The ‘Uncage Series’ is a platform for us to celebrate the “New Cool”, giving us the opportunity to engage with our core consumers and really fuel their purposeful passion to inject change in the Nigerian scene. We are excited to have been able to make this happen and we look forward to uncaging the next expression. Watch this space.”

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Adding spice to the occasion were different rooms highlighting the accessibility and fluidity of the arts. From The Graffiti Room to the Henna Room and the Body Artspace, there were good vibes all around.

Tiger Beer was launched in Nigeria back in April 2018 and has already made giant strides in the Nigerian beer market. Its unveiling was part of a captivating initiative which saw Nigerian celebrities face and conquer their fears, as the brand sought to communicate its unique brand messaging “Uncage”.

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