How Technology Is Shaping The Future Of Quick Service Restaurants In Nigeria

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Consumers are constantly looking for the best ways to order goods and services with the effective use of technology, through several e-payments channels. An important element in the business of quick-service restaurants is how quickly consumers are able to get food delivered to various destinations at every time. A lot of companies have invested in innovative technologies including mobile applications to ensure convenience, reliability and speed in a food order and deliveries, which is poised to enhance the Quick Service Restaurant industry in Nigeria. As with most online portals in e-commerce, infusing innovative technologies for food deliveries, have made daily living more convenient for an average consumer. The increasing mobile penetration in the world has made businesses begin to revolutionalise to include apps that support the growth of their businesses. As we start to embrace new ideas like e-governance, e-banking, e-learning and e-commerce, food businesses have begun to hit the ground running with online delivery applications that can deliver food to a consumer through simple clicks on a mobile device. The birth of e-commerce has greatly changed the traditional method of shopping which in recent times applies across several businesses. With the incredible revolution of technology, electricity, water, cable and several other bills are now paid online. Food is no longer left out as restaurant owners have begun to see the importance of getting to a consumer where they are. Now, cravings can be quickly addressed without having to leave one’s comfort zone. Restaurants now operate e-commerce websites or are registered as vendors on other top e-commerce platforms. In fact, it has been predicted by a Forbes report that ghost restaurants also known as delivery-only restaurants will continue to increase in 2019.
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The advantages of embracing food delivery technologies are numerous to both consumers and the restaurants. Customers begin to enjoy an improved customer service with personalised discounts and offers, with an array of options to choose from in terms of preferences. For the restaurants, customer-base can be guaranteed through the use of technology as there is a systematic approach to ensuring constant communications with customers through database technology. It also helps the brand to be seen as innovative and fast-paced, which helps a lot of people make quick decisions on meal choices.  Whether through an App or website these restaurants can create brand reinforcement and recognition in the minds of users with push notifications, updates and mailers. Food delivery apps, also make it easier to monitor and manage orders, process payments and analyze daily activities which leads to an increase in productivity of the business.
With several food brands embracing technologies, Number 1 pizza-making company in the world – Domino’s Pizza, has just extended its delivery app service to Nigeria with an entire revamp to its online delivery portal. This upgrade, allows its customers to have easy, secure and quick access to hot, yummy, and cheesy pizza from the comfort of their various locations, simply at the tap of the app. The newly launched app is simpler to use and convenient as opposed to waiting long queues to get your delicious meals. It also enables users to customize and save preferences, and keep track of order history. The brand has even taken it a step further, to offer free pizza to any customer whose delivery is delayed after placing an order via the app or website.
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Domino’s Pizza has quickly identified the impact of technology on the growth of its business, accepting that technology is here to stay. The brand has shown itself as innovative and is committed to not only providing delicious meals and snacks to its customers but also seamless and convenient service. While the use of technology is greatly appreciated across various aspects of the economy, it also increases the level of productivity amongst individuals as less time is spent on trying to achieve certain objectives through traditional methods. As technology continues to evolve, it is important for brands in Nigeria to consistently adopt and upgrade its e-commerce infrastructures, to ensure that more consumers are able to utilize more convenient buying and selling platforms.
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