Communication Effectivity: Ways Military Digital Signages Helps Military Facilities and Communities


Daily interaction requires effective communication between individuals, with this in mind, imagine how critical for the military facilities to be able to establish communication effectivity between subordinates and with the community they belong in.

Signages are one of the tools that create a way for communication to happen, and digital signages in military facilities just serve as one of the vital communication tools for keeping military personnel informed. The digital signage can be used to relay multiple information in one place such as emergency messaging, training and procedures videos, base news and more.

Want to know more about how digital signages drastically change the signage game and how it helps the military facilities and communities? Then, read more as we tackle all about how effective digital signages is as military signage.

Disseminating Emergency Messages

One thing that is crucial in a government building and military bases is fortifying safety and security. Which is why disseminating emergency messages play an important role in solidifying the security and safety of each and everyone within the building’s vicinity and of the local community.

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Additionally, the emergency messaging system provides peace of mind for everyone and of those who you’d wish to protect from threats. In times of crisis, digital signage serves an important role in an on-base emergency alert system wherein urgent information is delivered instantaneously to a wide audience. Lastly, pre-programmed messages, evacuation maps, and alerts may broadcast a safety procedure or another life-saving information.


Military bases, soldier support centers, and other officers’ clubs range in size, from a single building to complex campuses that could cover large amounts of real estate. Now, if the establishment is complex, then locating the correct location for an appointment, event, or a meeting may prove to be challenging, right? —now, this is where digital signages help.

The digital signage as a part of the military signage helps in reducing late arrivals, canceled appointments or having frustrations due to the maze-like structure of the establishment’s pathway. Thus, it increases meeting attendance while reducing labor for the personnel since the establishment’s visitors do not need to ask staff for directions or be asked to show the way which results in increasing the visitors’ overall experience.

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Directory Information and Upcoming Events

Give it up to the digital signage in providing information on any types of events such as training sessions, meetings, and formal events wherein anyone would be glad to immediately find the location that they need to go to without having a hard time looking for it.

Additionally, this type of signage can also function as a building directory wherein it shows office listings, office assignments, and added information on office-based personnel like their background basic information. Directory information is often paired with facility maps wherein it can be interactive to provide personalized and specific map-path to the user’s destination.

News and Update

Military bases have long used digital signages as an advanced large-scale bulletin board. Social events, classes, and training are easily displayed and is advertised across the whole base from one core point of management. Up-to-date information can be updated on-the-fly and in real-time and can be staged well in advanced scheduled dates.

Community Information

Having information and access to curated lists of community guidelines and local attractions saves time and energy for the relocated troops which are new to the area, which could also help ease the pressure in finding markets, grocery stores, or even dry cleaners. Some might really find this as unimportant, but to the relocated troops, it can help them feel at home sooner and might help them return to normal productivity.

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Signages can be used for different reasons and for various institutions, from attracting customers for businesses to being an aid in providing information in military institutions. However, at the end of the day, it is still a tool for communication between the establishment and to those people who see it.

Military signage need to be accurate, flexible and be able to provide information quickly especially threats and emergencies are unpredictable that happens any time and day all year round. Thus, digital signages would really be of help towards the military facility and the local community it belongs in.

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