Radio – The Uncelebrated Medium


I guess am right to conclude there’s no ‘thematic’ campaign without Radio included in the plan? Radio is arguably the best & only mass medium reaching the widest audience in the world (even U.N. attest to this).

For smart Marketers, it is ‘the only’ & probably the most powerful communication tool & low-cost medium; with a meagre budget, you can REACH MORE. Talk about reaching Consumers in the hinterland, where TV & Outdoor is limited, Radio is very suited to reach remote communities; the medium is very empathic to all demographics & psychographics.

Radio - The Uncelebrated Medium - Brand Spur

Unfortunately, a recent study (2017) suggests that traditional Radio faces a grim future (although Nielsen was quick to debunk the report); honestly, guys, take another look at your Media Plan(s)?

In your Brand strategy & tissue sessions with the Creative Team, what role is Radio playing? How many radio materials won an award for content & creativity? What’s the production cost of Radio content vis-a-vis TV and outdoor? Usually (from experience) we devote 95% of our creative time, production cost & Media budget to TV, Outdoor, Print, Digital while Radio is an afterthought.

Ironically, we expect Medium to deliver its objectives – “Reach the Unreachable”!

As it’s better late than ever, I join the world to celebrate ‘World Radio Day’ which was on Feb 13th; in Nigeria, the power of Radio is very strong.

Its power to inform, entertain and educate is just as important today as it has always been.

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Radio is the “Johnnie Walker” of Media as it goes where newer technologies can’t; it’s important the Marketing and Communication Community give this Medium a place in the centre stage.

About the Author:

Radio - The Uncelebrated Medium - Brand Spur

Dolapo Otegbayi, an accomplished and seasoned Senior Marketing Professional with over 15 years’ experience in all aspects of Commercial Business; encompassing Consumer and Shopper Marketing. She is one of the top 50 Marketing Communication Professional in West Africa (7th MWA 2017).