What not to do in Digital Marketing

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What not to do in Digital MarketingWhat not to do in Digital Marketing

In previous articles, we’ve written about best practice in terms of the various aspects of digital marketing. We’ve told you what an SEO specialist does and how they get the results that they do, we’ve interviewed our very own digital copywriter who’s given her pearls of wisdom about what it takes to succeed in the very lucrative world of online copywriting. We’ve given you the tools to use social media advertising to fit your brand’s purpose.

In this article, we’re taking a slightly different approach. We’re looking at common mistakes that people make with regards to their digital marketing and how you can avoid making these yourself.

Don’ts in Digital Marketing

Making the same posts across many digital platforms

Some people – especially those who are short of time, like entrepreneurs who are just starting out in their chosen field – generate a post for social media and post the exact same copy with the identical image across all of their social media platforms.

Yes, this does save time, but – in the long run – it will hurt your SEO efforts immensely and will probably downgrade your website on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This is because Google does not like duplicate content and favours original, well thought-out pieces.

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So, by all means, post about the same thing on your social media channels but rather tweak your wording so that it is different across all platforms. If you’re struggling with time, use a tool – such as Hootsuite – which allows you to schedule a number of posts at a time, across various social media channels so that you can maintain your levels of creativity.

Not checking that your links work

It is a common mistake to not check that the links, which you post onto your social media channels and send to other third party sites to see if they work. Sometimes, it happens that you may not see that you have included a full stop when you’ve pasted your link into a mail that you’ve sent to another person. This happens more often than you think.

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The results for your digital marketing will be devastating as you will have lost the traffic from the third party site – and the potential leads that may have come with them.

So before you click post or press send, make sure that your link works and doesn’t give a 404 error. It will take you a couple of seconds but will give you a lot of benefits in the long run.

Posting an article with spelling mistakes

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This is a big no-no. It shows that you haven’t taken the time to carefully check your article and are not proud of the work that you put out. This translates negatively into your company’s brand image because if a customer – or potential customer – see that your website and articles are riddled with spelling mistakes, this lack of care will make them ask the question if you can’t take pride in your website, will you take pride in the work that you do for them?

If spelling and grammar are not your strong suit before you post any website content or articles make sure that you run spellcheck in your word processor. Alternatively, invest in a tool such as Grammarly which will critique your writing and will give you tips on how to improve it. (To improve your writing even further, what you can do is go on a digital copywriting and content marketing course which will give you the tools to create the perfect piece of copy for your website.)

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There are loads of other slip-ups that people make with their digital marketing that are so easy to avoid but so many people make. Make sure that you take the time to double check everything that you put out on your online channels so that you will reap the ROI you’ve worked so hard for.

The Digital School of Marketing is an accredited provider of online digital marketing courses. For more information about these and to register, visit our website.

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What not to do in Digital MarketingWhat not to do in Digital Marketing

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What not to do in Digital MarketingWhat not to do in Digital Marketing

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