BAT’s 2018 Sustainability Report Underlines Group’s Commitment to Transforming Tobacco

British American Tobacco (BAT) has published on 15 March its 2018 Sustainability Report. The Report outlines the Group’s work and progress across its three strategic focus areas of harm reduction, sustainable agriculture and farmer livelihoods, and corporate behaviour.
BAT’s 2018 Sustainability Report Underlines Group’s Commitment to Transforming Tobacco - Brand Spur

Now in BAT’s 17th year of sustainability reporting, this report details how BAT is championing change in its business and industry and is transforming tobacco to create shared value for its consumers and stakeholders across the value chain.

Performance highlights include:

  • BAT’s continued investment in researching, developing and commercializing potentially less risky alternatives to cigarettes and information on these products, which we collectively refer as PRRPs – from vapour products, tobacco heating products, to modern and traditional oral products – which are now available in 29 countries globally.
  • An overview of BAT’s leading scientific research programme and transparent approach to demonstrating the reduced-risk potential of our PRRPs.
  • BAT’s continued commitment to sustaining a culture of integrity throughout the business including enhanced Third-Party Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABAC) procedures and global Speak Up channels – for employees to report any concerns about potential unethical behaviour without fear of reprisal.
  • BAT ’s new carbon emissions reduction targets for 2030 as well as other targets to further reduce its environmental impact through reduced resource use, improved water stewardship and reduced waste. The new carbon targets have been set in-line with the Science-Based Target Initiative’s methodology and BAT hope to soon gain formal approval.
  • Investing over £60 million annually to promote sustainable agriculture and enhance farmer livelihoods.
  • A profile of BAT’s new digital farm monitoring system, and how it is improving sustainable agriculture and farmer livelihoods by helping to ensure that issues are identified and addressed in real time.
  • A feature on child labour that outlines BAT’s commitment to combatting it within its business and supply chain, and its partnerships with stakeholders to drive industry-wide change.
  • BAT’s research and initiatives to tackle the complex issue of cigarette filter littering.
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Nicandro Durante, Chief Executive of British American Tobacco, comments:

“I firmly believe that the approach we have taken in my tenure, integrating sustainability across all of our operations, will strongly support our transformation for many years to come and our sustainability agenda is a real source of personal pride.

 “I have seen BAT evolve and grow throughout my career, and am confident that this will continue during the dynamic period of change the industry is going through today. As I hand over to my successor, I know the company is in great hands and that the ground has now been set for our PRRPs to reach even more consumers in the future.”

Jack Bowles, Chief Executive Designate of British American Tobacco, comments:

“Our sustainability agenda will be key to our future success. A culture of responsible behaviour is even more relevant in today’s world, and I firmly believe we all have a role to play in delivering with integrity. It is also clear to me that our sustained investment in farming communities and our continued focus on issues such as responsible marketing, protecting human rights and excellence in environmental management means that we are in excellent shape for the future.”