“33” Export has been touring the nation with its new experiential platform tagged – Connect experience and consumers are clearly loving it! With simultaneous events in Benin, Enugu, and Aba over the weekend, the beer brand once again pulled off a stellar night which left all in attendance elated and longing for more.

There were so many great moments from the last edition of these larger than life Connect experiences that it’s hard to compress into a list.

Whether it was the Jenga game, Beer Pong or Connect 4, consumers were treated to a thrilling night of exciting games. “33” Export is revered for fostering bonds as well as using fun games to connect with its consumers, and last weekend’s Connect experiences were no exception. From the suspense stricken squints by onlookers who watched as participants carefully stacked the Jenga pieces, to the cheers and show of support for the duo attempting to Connect D Lyrics, it was truly an exceptional night of fun.

The only thing Nigerians like more than a good time is some freebies. “33” Export did not falter on this part, rewarding consumers with some amazing gifts including standing fans, generators, television sets and more. Consumers were not only having the time of their lives, but they were also being treated to some handy rewards. These prizes got the consumers smiling, and added to the vibe on the night.

The night is not complete without great music and we certainly had some great tunes to go with the ambience on the night. The DJ’s delivered hit after hit and got attendees off their feet for most of the night. It got even more exciting when they starting pitting A-lists artists against each other in a sound-off.

Here, we had the DJ’s play tracks of these artists while the guests got to decide who the better artist was. This activity got everyone buzzing and jamming to their favourite songs and artists. With so many great Nigerian songs on repeat, we had the crowd dancing all night long, all of these while connecting and bonding over their shared love for music.


Working off a consistent storytelling platform of mate-ship, ”33” connects with consumers as the brand that allows friends to spend quality time together. It has become one of the most sought-after beer among Nigerians and encourages hard-working strivers to celebrate bonds and connections every day.