Businesses cannot survive on ideas alone.

Your product may provide the best, most original and affordable solution to a certain customer pain point, but it will stay unnoticed unless you wrap it in attractive packaging. The secret to growing a relevant and competitive business is brand.

Without a compelling story to establish your brand presence, you don’t stand a chance against your competitors. Since you rely on people to start spreading the word about your business fast, you need proven ways to boost your brand awareness.

Here’s how to get them talking in 7 steps:

  1. Put Your Company’s Logo Out There

Every growing business could use a little self-promotion. While PR campaigns and traditional forms of advertising can help you skyrocket your brand’s visibility, they require a winning product to provide them value and instil a sense of urgency.

In case you’re still trying to make a name for yourself, promotional merchandise and car wraps may be a smarter investment. Not only are they less costly, but they can also build some buzz around your brand without a strong differentiating point.

  1. Engage with the Audience on Social 

Almost every path toward brand success in the digital age leads through social media. Depending on your specific niche, sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram can help you reach your target audience and interest them in your offer.

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But bear in mind that social media marketing is not solely about advertising. These are community-based networks with unspoken codes of conduct, which means that you must engage with people before you start pitching your products. 

  1. Meet Your Future Customers Offline

Offline branding is still very effective, although it has taken up new forms. Even hosting continues to be a tried and tested way of connecting to your future customers, so consider organizing a workshop or throwing a party to promote your brand.

Among new-age methods for offline branding, experiential stunts may be the most successful. If your business model allows it, you can arrange a pop-up event. This is a great way to approach hip crowds and get them spreading your brand message. 

  1. Join Forces with Other Entrepreneurs 

This brand strategy comes with online and offline versions as well and guarantees great results in both cases. Offline, you can partner up with local businesses that are from your niche but don’t offer the same products and services as you.


In the online environment, you can reach out to social media influencers and join forces with them. They will recommend your brand to their followers in exchange for free products and services or as part of a paid business contract.

  1. Try PPC and Paid Social Advertising

The rules of today’s digital marketing game are written by none other than Google, so explore the many different options that the world’s leading search engine offers to businesses. PPC campaigns and AdSense are the most popular ones.

Alternatively, you can skip Google and start building your brand presence directly on social media. All the sites mentioned above feature options for paid advertising, which can give you better coverage with less effort and in a shorter time. 

  1. Win Them Over with Special Offers 

Word-of-mouth continues to be one of the most effective techniques for branding and marketing. But before you can unlock this superpower, you must build a pool of satisfied and loyal customers to recommend your brand to others.

Special offers are a brilliant way of doing that. You can use branded freebies to attract new prospects or freemiums with credit to convert them into paying customers. Referral programs are another great way of encouraging word-of-mouth. 

  1. Start a Blog and Share 10x Content 

All organic online marketing techniques rely on 10x content. This content is relevant and useful, but also original and highly engaging at the same time. You should start building your business blog and sharing posts across social media.

With online marketing, brand security is always a major concern. If this is your main branding technique, make sure your team is using a VPN to protect their online whereabouts. Without a VPN, your online data can get compromised.

Raising brand awareness is crucial.

If people can’t associate your products and services with a certain brand, it will be easy for them to switch to another provider. Branding is about making an emotional connection with your audience and building long-lasting relationships.

Speaking in the long-term, the story you create around your business is the only differentiating point you need. Your customers will stay loyal to your brand long after they stop needing your products. This is how necessary and powerful branding is.



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