Quadrant MSL unveils PR Intelligence Report on Financial Services Industry


Quadrant MSL has unveiled the maiden edition of its PR Intelligence Report, titled ‘A Quadrant MSL Review of the Financial Services Industry: Banking Sector’. The report covers the last quarter of 2018, focusing on the ways in which banks engaged newspapers to communicate with various audiences and stakeholders.

During the presentation ceremony in Lagos, Uche Ajene-Ayere, Managing Consultant, Quadrant MSL, said: “This maiden edition has paid attention to the financial services industry, specifically the Banking Sector. It is designed to help communications and marketing executives across industries make more informed and data-driven decisions. This will help key stakeholders understand consumers and how best to influence consumer buying decisions. The report will be released periodically and will go on to cover other sectors and industries.”

Quadrant MSL unveils PR Intelligence Report on Financial Services Industry - Brand Spur

It was highlighted that the agency’s progression to strategic communications comes naturally.

“Because of the noticeable dynamism in the public relations industry, the public relations industry has come under strong disruptions with ever-evolving consumer habits, media formats and consumption patterns, which in turn have impacted client’s demands and expectations,” she revealed.

Speaking further, she noted that “in Nigeria, the importance of traditional media cannot be overemphasized. While the country’s data costs are among Africa’s most affordable, the economic disenfranchisement of millions of Nigerians means that many consumers would be best reached offline, via billboards and print platforms.”

On the rationale behind the report and what it intends to achieve, she said, “Our goal is to provide industries with deep insights into their positioning within the media, which will ultimately impact their outlook and decisions. Everything we do is to help businesses create more meaningful connections with their stakeholders and help everyone realise the power of the media.”

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The report shows the share of voice (number of news stories as compared to competitors), sentiments (how the story was viewed by readers) and sector news trends amongst commercial banks during Q4 of 2018. It is available and can be downloaded on the agency’s website.