Mouka Salutes Muslim Faithful as Ramadan Continues

Moroccan Firm Acquires Mouka Foam In A $60m Deal
Moroccan Firm Acquires Mouka Foam In A $60m Deal

As Muslim faithful across the globe are currently observing the month-long Ramadan fast, Mouka Limited, foremost Nigeria’s foam and mattress company, wishes Muslim brothers and sisters in Nigeria and the world over a successful Ramadan fast.

During the month of Ramadan, it is obligatory for Muslims to fast in fulfilment of the fourth pillar of Islam. It is Mouka’s hope that while this Ramadan lasts, the virtues associated with engaging in this divine obligation would be the reward of all Muslims.

Mouka enjoins Islamic faithful to remember the essence of the sacred exercise and ensure its reflection in all their dealings in this holy period and beyond.

The management of Mouka also pledges support for all Muslim faithful and an enabling environment for a successful and rewarding Ramadan fast, as they observe this period of penitence and self-denial.

As a company committed to quality sleep, Mouka admonishes Muslims to remember to have a healthy sleep culture during this period to prepare them for each day’s holy task.

Mouka hopes that this Ramadan will indeed yield its essence and enhance the faith of all Muslims as they diligently observe this fast and undertake this divine assignment.

It is particularly hoped that this season of purity will engender further, the spirit of nation building in Nigeria.