A Customer’s Personal Experience with First Bank CEO


It is no story that even in the banking industry, we have celebrity personalities. And it is a known fact that they do well in social circles and have a knack for their personal lives.

Dr. Adesola Adeduntan is one person who is very relatable and we know for certain, he is customer-friendly. This customer’s experience gave more credence to our understanding.

A digital marketer finding his way around trying to strike a networking move on the amiable and down-to-earth, First Bank’s CEO, had sent a friend request for a while and on a good day, as it turned out, he received an acknowledgement of his acceptance by the MD. Shortly after getting the acknowledgement, he went as far as pitching to close a digital marketing campaign deal with the ‘Big Boss’, although never got a reply. Remember our scepticism as an individual with not a too known fellow on Social Media.

Two weeks prior to the no close call pitching, Nairaland Forum member, dapinero1980, had a cash dispense error and was obliged to try to contact Dr Adesola, who he admires and refers to as amiable. Shockingly, a response came through, he was marvelled as he didn’t think he would get a response from the other banks’ CEOs due to a N5,000 dispense error or even getting a response to the friend request on Social media with the entire buzz. Dapinero1980 wondered if CEOs of banks ever got aware of complaints and troubles of account holders.

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He explained further about how he not only got concurrent calls to confirm the process of his cash retraction, but he got a credit alert of his cash after 5 days of engagement with the CEO, First Bank of Nigeria, Dr. Adesola Adeduntan.

He preaches “Leadership by example” “No discrimination” #IamportingfullytoFIRSTBANK

Culled from Nairaland

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