Toyota Acquires Top Ratings in Safety Testing


Toyota Corolla and Rav4 hold both achieved an uppermost five-star rank in Euro NCAP’s Independent Safety Testing Programme. The cars displayed strongly across the board in the protection granted to adult and child occupants and to “vulnerable road users,” such as pedestrians and cyclists, as well as the effectiveness of the Toyota security sense active safety rules (applicable to rav4 vx models locally). 

The crash test outcomes also confirm the ‘designed-in’ power of the Toyota new global architecture programs on which the models are built, assisting sustain the integrity of the cabin in the event of a collision. The robust structures, both for the Corolla Hatchback and Rav4 Suv, are strengthened in crucial areas and make strategic use of high-strength steels to absorb and channel impact forces away from the cabin. 

The second generation Toyota safety sense package combines a pre-collision system which can identify pedestrians in the vehicle’s path in both day and night-time driving and can also recognise cyclists by day. The system obtained maximum Points in Euro NCAP’s testing at low, city speeds, with collisions being avoided at all test speeds. At highway speeds, collisions were avoided when approaching a slower vehicle; when coming up behind a stationary or slowing car, impacts were avoided in most cases and mitigated in others. 

The system’s pedestrian and cyclist recognition function also performed well, with collisions being avoided in all tests, in day and night conditions. 

Other Toyota safety sense features include adaptive cruise control, lane departure alert with steering control, automatic high beam and road sign assist. 

These achievements demonstrate the success of Toyota’s commitment to car safety, which sits at the heart of its mission to make ever-better cars. Toyota ensures that the benefits of advanced safety technologies are not limited to high-end, high-specification models, but are made available across the board, maximising their potential to make driving safer.