Parallel Parking Instructions And Strategy

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Parallel parking is the style of car parking in parallel with a roadway, in line with other, previously parked cars. You should know that if you want to make a successful reverse parallel parking, the distance between previously parked cars has to be equal to one and a half meters more than the length of your car.

1. Parallel Parking Steps

  • turn on the alarm;
  • stop the car in a half a meter from the front parked car, so that its left rear corner is at your right rear wheel, be sure to switch to neutral gear;
  • look back over the right shoulder, turn on the reverse, start to move back slowly;
  • turn the steering wheel to the right so that the car goes to the right rear corner of the free space;
  • when the front seat of your car reaches the rear bumper in front of the parked car, and you will see the right headlight of the car behind you in your left mirror, put the steering wheel straight and slowly go backwards;
  • when the front bumper of your car reaches the rear bumper of the car in front of you, turn the steering wheel all the way to the left and complete the movement of your car in reverse;
  • if it is necessary, slightly trim your car;
  • after the car is parked in the parking pocket, turn the steering wheel and set the wheels straight, switch the gear to the parking mode, do not forget to activate the parking brake after stopping.
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Having parked your car, make sure that the nearby cars will be free to leave the parking lot.

Parallel parking is considered successful if the marking equipment was not brought down, the car did not stall, it was possible to correctly install it for a one-time reverse gear inclusion while performing the parallel parking.

Parallel Parking Tips And Tricks

  • Be sure to learn the basics of reverse driving.
  • Start your training in a quiet residential area. It is better to start with the only car parked at the curb.
  • Make sure the car in front of you is parked correctly, as you will use it as a guide. A properly parked vehicle should stand parallel to the curb at a distance of about 20-30 cm from it.
  • Assess the overall dimensions of the parked car and your car. If you find a car of the same size as yours, learning parallel parking will be much easier.
  • Pre-signal a maneuver and look in the rearview mirror. Make sure that the driver of the car that moves behind you understands what you intend to do!
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Parallel Parking Instructions And Strategy - Brand SpurParallel Parking Instructions And Strategy - Brand Spur

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Parallel Parking Instructions And Strategy - Brand SpurParallel Parking Instructions And Strategy - Brand Spur

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