Hiring for Start-ups: The Jesus’ Example


There is a recruitment trap most start-ups must try to avoid. And it is wanting to hire the best in various fields from the get-go. As a start-up, hire faithfulness, commitment to the growth and pursuit of the business vision. You can’t afford to be hung over paper qualification. Avoid the burden of bogus remuneration.

Follow the Jesus’ example.

As a start-up in ministry, Jesus prayed and hired men who were seemingly unqualified. But they were committed to Him and His ministry. He mentored them. He trained them. And Jesus’ ministry is still on over 2000 years after!

Now, professionals from every discipline known to man are involved in the spread of the same.

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As a start-up, pray that God should send you men with the heart for the growth of your business idea. When the business grows, the Harvard’s, Princeton’s and Yale’s graduates of this world will come knocking!

“For who has despised the day of small beginnings…” Zech.4:10.

Written by: Sola Sorinolu, (Christian Educator, Writer, Speaker, and Columnist)

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