La Casera Reiterates Commitment to Best Manufacturing Practice… promises to remain Nigeria’s favourite apple drink

Recently, our attention was drawn to a news item in circulation on the social media platform, of an unsavoury and unauthentic claim about The La Casera brand. It is pertinent to state unequivocally that, as a responsible corporate organization, the La Casera Company has found it essential to reassure the public of the high-quality standard in the production of our beverages and the healthiness of our drinks. The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON), and Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) have certified La Casera safe for consumption. We take pride in the highest level of compliance and strict adherence to modern food and beverage production guidelines.
Furthermore, The La Casera Company is not responsible for the unethical, wrongful and improper disposal actions of the non-conforming soft drinks, or of any other third parties ignorant action that is being linked to the brand. The La Casera Company disassociates itself from any false accusations, claims, or misleading information against the brand. We have fully operational disposal processes of our non-conforming materials and products, as well as an effluent treatment plant in our factories. In addition, as a responsible corporate organisation, we are working with the relevant bodies to get to the root of the matter at hand.
At The La Casera Company, we conduct our business with the highest regard for the interests of our major stakeholders, namely: Consumers, Suppliers, Distributors, Marketers, Business Partners and the relevant Government agencies.
We believe in making the wellbeing and satisfaction of our consumers the apex of every decision. The quality of our products and the loyalty of our consumers are a testimony to the above statement. We implore our consumers to continue to enjoy their favourite apple drink, La Casera.