First ever west africa gold convention to be held in Lagos State


The firstly West Africa gold convention received by Kian Smith Gold Refinery in collaboration with Noemdek, a Nigeria-based international consulting firm, will be held in Lagos State within June 25th and 26th.

A report disclosed that the event is directed at increasing West Africa’s gold value chain as well as facilitating important policies and market infrastructure for the gold ecosystem.

Themed the Gold West Africa Conference, the event would aid raise a strong public and private sector lobby around gold, put the region top of mind in gold mining, refining all that pertains to gold as well as spur economic growth for countries (Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali, Cote D’Ivoire etc) with gold.

According to the Managing Director of Kain Smith Trade & Co Ltd, Mrs Nere Teriba, the Nigerian narrative on gold was advancing from gold exploration and mining to the gold market and economy.

She added: “The Gold West Africa Conference is focused on developing the gold value chain in the region towards establishing West Africa as a gold market centre.

“The development of the gold value chain in Nigeria has strong dependencies on gold, trade and monetary policies across ECOWAS and the geographical region of Africa.

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“Economic & Sustainable solutions towards artisanal gold mining, trading, refining and creating gold products and markets can only be achieved when public and private stakeholders in the gold sector of West Africa jointly create the eco-system for the gold economy to thrive above ground.”

The co-host, of the conference, Mr Kolade Apata said: “For the folks who are fortunate enough to attend the conference, they will quickly realise the investment opportunities available with the launch of the gold refinery.

“For example, Nigeria could easily become the jewellery and gold trading hub in West Africa. The structure could serve as a template for other minerals (e.g. cobalt, copper etc.).

“While this conference will serve as a good start for the right conversations, we are sincerely hoping it leads to the implementation of the ideas generated.”