Yesterday, while I was in public transport, I saw a woman with a slip that looked like a receipt but was more like a sports bet ticket, but I was not sure what it is. Then it occurred to me, that I have not seen women playing sports bet. That probed me to ask a few questions around. Do women bet? Yes, they do. Do they play sports bet? Some actually play. Afterwards, I took a reflect, and I thought that probably, the woman I saw was holding a bet ticket and had to go far away from home to play – and possibly hid it from those in the public transport.

Humans take a lot of risks while they still breathe, and none probably ranks more among than betting and gambling. This risk can be seen as addictive in nature, and, to some, very damaging. To some, however, it is worth living for.

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While still interrogating the question which is do women bet? It dawned on me that I have not seen a woman in a sports bet shop except those who work there. Then I asked around do women play sports bets? I got replies from mostly women and a few men concerning this. According to them, women rarely go to sports shops. Interrogating further, I discovered that they preferred betting online, or sending someone to place their stake. I asked why? And I got responses centred around being shy, not wanting to feel awkward or seen as a wayward person. While doing the interrogation, I remembered that a friend of mine used to help his sister to play sports bet whenever he went to play his.

Then I started to ask these questions: Are Sports betting brands leveraging on this target audience and the opportunity for growth that comes along with it? Do the marketing and communications plan entail planning for women who bet?. While on this, I saw an article written by Jo Lauder who quoted Deakin University gambling researcher, Associate Professor Samantha Thomas and it goes like this: “What we’ve seen over the last 12 months is a change, not only in the tone of those ads, but we’re really starting to see more gender-neutral ads and some ads we think would be particularly appealing for women”.

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Now, I have not come across any sports betting ads involving women in their betting process, nor have I spotted any advert that fights the perception of sports betting people (women inclusive) as wayward people and if I am wrong please write to me to correct my mistake.

Beyond ads, are there any promotions and strategy in place to attract more women into the act of betting?. Have they sat down to have a rethink of the games available and include neutral games and diversify along the lines of having games that would attract women too?

I went on to explore why women play and I got responses such as playing for the money, the prediction is fun and taking a risk and all this got me thinking, why not make sports betting much more fun and have more risk-taking activities introduced.

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Well, these are just thoughts in the head of a nobody who sees the world with a broken lens which he manages.

Written By: Ore Aderinkomi


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