Taye Currency Makes Surprise Appearance At Ariya Repete Selection Party In Ibadan (Photos)


Guests at the Ariya Repete selection party in Ibadan were pleasantly surprised when Fuji sensation, Taye Currency made a surprise appearance. The renowned Fuji singer graced the stage and delivered a wonderful performance, much to the delight of all in attendance.

Earlier in the week, he had visited the venue of the auditions and shared some words of encouragement to the budding indigenous music talents in Ibadan. His brilliant performance at the selection party rounded off a captivating evening of musical bliss, in which the Ariya Repete contestants impressed the guests and judges alike.

Taye Currency, and the Senior Brand Manager of Goldberg & Life Lager, Maria Shadeko. www.brandspurng.com

The Ariya Repete selection party in Ibadan delivered on its promise, as various talented acts slugged it out for a place in the quarter-final. At the end of a keenly contested night of excellent performances, Ashley Oluwasegun, Adebayo Adebiyi, and Lukman Adebiyi were crowned as winners of the Yoruba Hip-Hop, Fuji and Juju category respectively.

The contestants will now head to Lagos for mentorship before meeting at the quarter-final in Akure, on the 26th of July, where they will compete with fellow regional winners from Lagos, Ota, Abeokuta, Akure, as well as the winners of the Ilorin and Osogbo selection party which is slated for Friday, the 5th of July 2019.

Ariya Repete is proudly sponsored by Goldberg Lager Beer. Over the years, Goldberg has consistently pushed the bar in excellence, continually providing fans and consumers with remarkable experiences which dial up the culture and traditions of the people, whilst also appreciating modern social conventions. This perfect blend of both worlds has enabled Goldberg to remain one of the most authentic brands in the beer industry.