Panadol Identifies with Consumers; Launches Toughies Campaign


In celebrating its consumers’ who are resilience to always stand out in the face of challenges, Panadol is set to launch the Panadol toughies in Nigeria. The campaign is an initiative that seeks to distinguish individuals who are always determined to help others not minding the challenges.

Explaining the rationale behind the campaign, the head of Marketing Consumer Healthcare-Nigeria, Shehryar Rao said, “in line with Panadol’s proposition of championing hope over pains, we are associating with amazing individuals who go the extra mile for others, never bothering about the pain in order to make others happy. This set of amazing people will go all out just for the happiness and wellbeing of others, even as they are selfless and tireless in the pursuit of their day-to-day activities, exhibiting a lot of strength”.

Panadol Identifies with Consumers; Launches Toughies Campaign - Brand Spur

He added that “most times, these individuals go unappreciated because it is easier to take such gestures for granted.”

To identify Toughies for the campaign, consumers will follow @Panadolnigeria on Facebook and Instagram, share their compelling stories of individuals who fit the criteria and tag their followers to do the same with the hashtag #PanadolToughies.

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