List Of Winners Emerged At MyBranchXP Video Challenge

The champs were declared on Monday, July 15th, 2019 on the organisation’s Instagram page. After a stiff first round, three videos were chosen for the second round where winners emerged.
The Branch video challenge has come to an end as three finalists grab cash prizes
70,000 naira for 1st prize
50,000 naira 2nd prize
30,000 3rd prize.
At the final round, the videos which were reposted on the company’s Instagram account were judged based on a number of interactions.
The competition which was initially scheduled to last for one week kicked off on June 25th and extended from July 4th to July 11th to encourage more participation. Participants were to make a 30 seconds video about their Branch experience and post the video on their Instagram account with #MyBranch #MYBRANCHXP.
The 30 seconds video challenge which required Branch customers to share their Branch experience on social media, was designed as a way to reward Branch customers.
The branch aims to provide financial services to the underserved and unlocked financial access to customers around the country.